Open a bank account for business in the United States in 2020

26 April 2020
You can start doing your finances in dollars by opening an account in Payoneer, which allows you to open a bank account in the United States and have your own pre-paid credit card to purchase online, at any store point of sale or withdraw money from ATMs around the world, with this account you will have an ABA route and a CHECKING account in one of the most well-known banks such as First Century Bank and Bank of America (You don’t pick the bank).

With Payoneer you can also receive money in almost every currency, such as USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, JPY, CNY * and MXN, also, you can receive payments for selling your services or products, then, when you open an account you get all this completely free and also You can make or receive money transfers from a Payoneer account to another Payoneer account by just writing the email of the person’s account.

How can I withdraw my money from my Payoneer account?

Your money in dollars can be changed to the currency in your country and deposited directly into your bank account in your name, in any bank near where you live, after opening your account, you will receive a pre-paid credit card (it is like a “debit card”, payments are deducted from the balance of your account, it works like a mastercard), with it you can purchase on websites, and you can also pay at locations that accept credit cards in dollars or take out money from ATMs.

How to earn money directly to my Payoneer account?

When you start at Payoneer the bank accounts in dollars through Payoneer only accept transfers from business bank accounts, so you are obligated to receive money from these and any transfer of personal accounts will be rejected.

However, anyone can open a Payoneer account and deposit funds in it, and to receive transfers from individuals just provide the email you used to create your account, which will always be the main email to receive payments.

All the aforementioned gives us to understand that Payoneer is a tool designed mainly for freelancers who can get contracts with US companies and can serve companies and individuals in other countries, but a private individual who wants to pay in dollars must then pay directly with the balance that have in the balance of your Payoneer account.

In case you do not want to work for a company in an office and you want to make money on your own from your home, we have the following list of the best websites to make money in your Payoneer account:

You also have many currency exchange services online, Payoneer is as popular as Paypal on those websites, this allows you to receive payments in other e-wallets, such as cryptocurrencies, which are now so popular and are becoming particular for different economies, as countries and large companies that seek to save money by not having to pay taxes.

Exchange services vary widely from country to country, it is best to search on Google and take into account a service that is popular, respectable and honest, make sure you see that it has very good reviews from a large number of people, and read them for Know if they are fake or real, look for comments on their social networks and verify the accounts that write them.

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